IntrinsiQ Data

IntrinsiQ IntelliView Data, The Gold Standard

Oncologists across the nation, in practices ranging from prestigious academic medical centers to single physician offices, use IntelliDose® to manage the chemotherapy treatment of every patient in their practice.  Treatment decisions, drugs prescribed, and drug administration details are electronically captured at the point-of-care and create the IntrinsiQ IntelliView Database – the number one source for real-time, longitudinal, oncology practice data in the US.

Support for Oncology Product Lifecycles

From Research & Development to Pre-launch planning to Post-launch management, IntrinsiQ provides the data and resources to support business development, launch strategies, and life cycle management.

IntrinsiQ provides a modular portfolio of data products and services ranging from syndicated data to custom analytic research.

Syndicated Research

Updated monthly via the web, the IntelliView subscription provides projected monthly and annual data enabling oncology market researchers and analysts to size markets, forecast demand, and track market penetration.

Enhanced Syndicated Research

Expands IntelliView data to include a longitudinal view of cancer treatment, costs, and the effects of market events.

Custom Research

The range and historical depth of IntelliView oncology practice information provides an unparalleled source for analysis of real-world oncology data. Coupled with IntrinsiQ IntelliView Data, our analytic team can assess and pressure-test assumptions surrounding models, forecasts, and market entry strategies and deliver results based on insight and understanding of the entire oncology marketplace.


Analytic Products expand IntelliView Data to deliver more focused information. Deep dives into the data can concentrate on specific cancers, treatment paths, market segmentation, or event-driven marketplace changes.

Treatment Flow IntelliViews

Treatment Flow IntelliViews are a series of Analytic Products published annually for the following cancers:

  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • Breast Total and HER2
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Ovarian
  • Prostate

IntrinsiQ Treatment Flow IntelliViews graphically detail the treatable patient population as patients proceed through multiple lines of therapy and include treatment pathways, therapy duration, time to progression, and cumulative drug exposure.  Treatment Flow IntelliViews include our Treatment Flow Analyzer - an Excel tool for interactive access to the data allowing you to run your own upstream and downstream longitudinal queries.  For more information IntrinsiQ Treatment Flows, visit our Knowledge Center.

IntrinsiQ Data Client Support

Superior client service turns data into actionable knowledge. Our support and consulting services teams help clients transform data into business and competitive insight.

Dedicated Client Service

Each corporate client works with an account manager to optimize the value of our oncology data. The account manager works with the client to develop internal training programs to support core IntelliView report analysis and data investigations as well as assisting the client in designing and creating reports for specific cancer, drug, and treatment interests. The account manager also manages the more in-depth projects.

Custom Reports

Client-specific reports can be developed to provide cuts of core and enhanced IntelliView syndicated data. Business rules can be applied to break out data, for example, by metastatic status, age, site type, and specialty. Site types include academic medical center, community hospital, and private practice.