Increase your patients’ access to cutting-edge clinical trials. AdvanceIQ Network removes obstacles to access while increasing practice visibility into research opportunities.

Gaining patient access to clinical trials is an ongoing challenge for many practices. While many specialty practices are interested in participation, they lack the visibility necessary for engagement. AdvanceIQ Network removes the obstacles to access for practices by providing a centralized approach that is regulatory-compliant and technology-enabled. Practices benefit from improved visibility into research opportunities through a portfolio of research studies from a variety of life sciences companies, giving them a direct process for qualification and enrollment.

Drawn from relationships with more than 1,000 specialty practices, AdvanceIQ Network capabilities give you the trusted and qualified connections you need to streamline your efforts, adding speed and efficiency to the data-rich, competitive necessity of clinical research.

For many practices, the patient onboarding process and other administrative tasks are cumbersome. We will aid with these organizational tasks so you can focus on what matters most – enhancing patient care.