ClinIQ Analytics®

Clinical Analytics

Take advantage of the data you already have.

Every time your clinical staff uses an electronic health record (EHR), they create valuable data. The trouble is figuring out what to do with all of it. With ClinIQ Analytics, we transform your practice’s clinical data into actionable insights and easy-to-interpret visuals accessible via our secure web portal.

Relieve your staff of the burden of combing through mountains of charts manually to identify candidates for a clinical trial or a new therapy. Now, you can generate patient lists in an instant based on customizable criteria. Learn more about how our analytics can help you compare your practice to your peers’—allowing you to spot trends, opportunities and even errors—so you can improve patient outcomes.

Making your data more valuable

Identify opportunities to enhance patient care

When your practice starts offering new services or advanced therapies, you want to make sure that the right patients know about it. Our patient list generator tool uses clinical and diagnostic criteria to help you manage your patient population. You’ll be able to generate exportable reports to reengage patients that are due for a follow-up appointment, create targeted marketing initiatives and even identify billing errors. You can customize inclusion/exclusion criteria to identify candidates for clinical trials, including feasibility and tracking data. 

Focus your practice’s goals

Your data is only as powerful as the insight it delivers. With our clinical analytics dashboard, you can see below the surface to focus your goals and make data-backed decisions about your practice. We’ll help you create a needs analysis, so you know when to recruit a new provider or add a new service line. We’ve made it easy to export both graphic and table views, so you can prepare more meaningful board presentations with easy-to-follow visualizations. To see how our data can help focus your practice’s goals, request a demo from our team.

See how your practice measures up

ClinIQ Analytics lets you analyze your providers’ adherence to clinical guidelines based on nationally recognized best practices. Because so many urologists trust and use UroChartEHR®, we have access to data from over 2,000 urology practices nationwide. That means quality benchmarks are just a click away, allowing you to quickly compare your providers internally or against their peers across the country. Those insights can help you measure, manage and standardize documentation, track EHR adoption and utilization, follow prescribing habits and patterns, and improve clinical outcomes.

Meeting you where you are—every step of the way.

We offer a suite of specialty solutions that fit together to help your practice improve operational efficiency and advance patient care. As you expand your practice's reach, we grow with you—helping identify opportunities, manage risks and improve financial performance along the way.