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When you have over 20,000 associates and a core mission to make healthcare work smarter for patients and physicians alike, having strong leadership and a unified vision is paramount. The IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions leadership team boasts extensive knowledge and numerous years of experience in the healthcare industry. That translates to best-in-class service in an increasingly complicated market.

Sr. Vice President, Specialty Physician Services (SPS) Business Development and Solutions

Rick Lozano

"I have the privilege to support our specialty business for business development and solutions. The ability to bring new solutions in this new world of technology will bring significant new health benefits for patients and also support our providers and manufacturers. I am proud to work alongside a strong leadership team at ABC to support our purpose of being united in our responsibility to create healthier futures."
Rick Lozano Vice President of Biosimilars and Integrated Business Development

Vice President, Provider Analytics

Cass Schaedig

"My favorite part of analytics is taking large and often boring data and making it deliver actionable information. The true value of analytics comes when it is put into action, because even the most fascinating data is useless if it isn’t used."

Vice President, Customer Care

Stephanie Walsh

"'Put people first; the rest will follow.' It’s an honor to work in an organization that follows this principle and allows me to focus on fellow associates and the practices and patients that they serve. We strive to make every interaction personal and drive long-lasting relationships."

Senior Vice President, IntrinsiQ Analytics

Susan Weidner

"Every day our providers deal with complex information, needing to help patients make the best treatment decisions for them both. It is an honor to be able to provide them with actionable insights and solutions as part of their decision-making process."

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