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Complementary solutions that grow with your goals

We know that every specialty practice is different. You might be focused on promoting operational stability by finding efficiencies in coding, billing and scheduling. Or perhaps you're looking for support navigating the transition to value-based care. Maybe you're considering expanding your portfolio of services, and need data-backed business guidance to support your decisions. Whatever your goals, our solutions are designed to evolve alongside the needs of your practice.


Urology EHR solution

We designed UroChartEHR to work hard for your urology practice. By putting urology-specific content front and center, you'll speed through your workflows and have more time to focus on your patients. And because we have a deep foundational knowledge of the EHR's data requirements, we can provide expert guidance to help you improve operational efficiency and maximize scores for MIPS reporting.

MIPS reporting services

We've been helping practices with regulatory compliance ever since Meaningful Use began in 2011. That means we have the historical data and expertise to help any practice—regardless of their EHR—maximize their composite score and the financial incentives that go with it. In fact, 99.8% of the practices we worked with achieved Exceptional Performer status in 2018. Let us help take the mystery out of interpreting CMS's annual guidelines, and ensure that the exceptional care you deliver every day is reflected in your annual attestation.


Collaborating with LUGPA to advance urology

We're collaborating with LUGPA on a benchmarking program that helps you compare your practice's performance against other members'. Powered by InfoDive—our business intelligence tool—you get urology-specific reports that will help you quickly evaluate productivity, financial and quality metrics, to make data-backed decisions about how you run your practice.

We believe InfoDive will give us the vantage point necessary to foresee and act on patient care and industry trends. The data it provides has the potential to drive the educational programming and advocacy efforts central to our mission, while giving our member groups tools they need to evaluate and seize new opportunities.

Evan Goldfischer, MD, MBA, CPI, LUGPA Secretary and Task Force Chairman
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The right tools to move your practice forward

Wherever you are in the evolution of your practice, we have the tools to help you advance your goals. We'll provide the data and the strategic guidance to help you make smart decisions in a relentlessly changing industry. Learn how we can help you navigate the transition to value-based care, while putting patient care at the forefront.
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