Cubixx®MD | PODIS® Plus

Inventory Management

Inventory management that moves at the speed of specialty

CubixxMD is a smart inventory management system designed to benefit all parts of your specialty practice. With smart integrations into your existing PM, EHR and EMR systems, everyone on your clinical, purchasing, administration and finance teams will discover new efficiencies in their workflows.

When you order products from Besse Medical they will arrive pre-labeled so you can track each dose at every step of its journey. You can receive orders with a single scan, but then track every dispense to the individual patient—reducing the risk of dispensing or billing errors. And by connecting CubixxMD with your PM and EHR systems, you can use smart forecasting tools to ensure you’ll have everything that you need for your upcoming patient schedule.

Dorothy Carvalho, Clinical Nursing Manager

Use of the system has streamlined our internal processes from product ordering, administration of the medication, through final reconciliation in our billing department. Our providers greatly appreciate how the CubixxMD system has given us better control of our medication management.

Helping manage your inventory, payments and everything in between

PODIS Plus is a comprehensive procurement, inventory and payment verification system designed to benefit your entire specialty practice. Easily place and manage orders from Besse Medical and partners. Your products arrive pre-labeled. Scan and click to simply input product details into the system. Confidently manage inventory across all your locations and order only where and when you need to restock. Alerts will notify you of reimbursement, administrative or patient issues.     

With PODIS Plus, you’ll also have close financial control with improved visibility through robust, comprehensive reporting that will make inventory management easier and payment verification more accurate.

Brena Armbrust, Clinic Administrator

The transparency PODIS provides has allowed accountability for all within the practice. Compared to our manual system, the information is more timely, far less cumbersome, and quicker for data generation. We have noticed tighter control and consciousness over the inventory by staff due to PODIS. 

Some things work better together.

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