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Multi-Specialty Practices


Comprehensive solutions for comprehensive care

To run a multi-specialty practice, you need to maintain a holistic view of the needs of your patients while balancing the unique operational processes of various specialties. Especially in larger practices, small inefficiencies in workflows or errors in your coding and billing can have an enormous impact on the health of your business. We can partner with you to help find operational efficiencies that will help grow your practice and advance the quality of the care you deliver every day.

MIPS Consulting Services

Don’t let MIPS reporting weigh you down

We've been helping practices with regulatory compliance ever since Meaningful Use began in 2011. That means we have the historical data and expertise to help any practice—regardless of their EHR—maximize their composite score and the financial incentives that go with it. Let us help take the mystery out of interpreting CMS's annual guidelines, and ensure that the exceptional care you deliver every day is reflected in your annual attestation.



Benchmarking against other larger practices

InfoDive is our business intelligence tool that helps you quickly evaluate productivity, financial and quality metrics, to make data-backed decisions about how you run your practice. By benchmarking data from your EHR and PM programs against other large multi-specialty practices, we can help you find operational efficiencies that will improve your practice's financial performance and advance the quality of your patient care.



Infusion and chemotherapy management

Our infusion and chemotherapy management solution adds critical functionality to your EHR by bringing treatment plan management, computerized physician order entry (CPOE), nurse charting and charge capture together in a single tool. This enables you to automate your infusion and oncology workflows, increasing patient safety and improving staff efficiency—in one fell swoop.

The right tools to move your practice forward

Wherever you are in the evolution of your practice, we have the tools to help you advance your goals. We'll provide the data and the strategic guidance to help you make smart decisions in a relentlessly changing industry. Learn how we can help you navigate the transition to value-based care while putting patient care at the forefront.