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Harnessing data to protect your business

When you’re running a practice, it’s difficult to foresee operational blind spots before they’ve become a problem. Reimbursement and billing can take priority over patient care, as you look for coding patterns to reduce your audit risk or identify a revenue gap lurking around the corner.

That’s why we created InfoDive—a powerful business intelligence solution that helps you identify opportunities for operational enhancements by benchmarking your physicians' performance against their peers’ and national standards. Learn how our data can enhance your approach to coding, productivity, marketing, revenue collection and more.

Dive deeper with InfoDive

  • Delivers robust internal and external benchmarking data 
  • Platform is simple to use, with no software to install 
  • All data is fully secure and HIPAA compliant 
  • Equipped with powerful key reports right out of the box
  • Updates data automatically requiring minimal staff time 
  • Gives you access to free monthly educational webinars 

The focus on better coding practices alone has more than justified the ROI for InfoDive.

Kevin Berger, MD

Powering better business performance

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We offer a suite of specialty solutions that fit together to help your practice improve operational efficiency and advance patient care. As you expand your practice's reach, we grow with you—helping identify opportunities, manage risks and improve financial performance along the way.
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