Helping practices deliver patient-centered specialty care

On-demand webinar

MIPS 2022 Final Rule

Our most recent MIPS webinar, where we review the MIPS 2022 Final Rule and the changes that may impact your practice.

Webinar on-demand

Radiation Oncology Model Webinar

View a high-level overview of the Radiation Oncology Model, including key programmatic elements such as participation requirements, quality measures, and coding and billing, so participating practices can start preparing now for the operational and financial changes the model will have on their practices.

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Physician Services Webcast 

The importance of cost/feedback reporting and security risk analysis for MIPS

The QREG team hosted a summer webinar that will cover the importance of reviewing your Cost/Feedback Report as well as completing your Security Risk Analysis.

Working Together Through COVID-19


Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule: Performance Categories - Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities

Featured article
January 2022


Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule: Performance Categories - Quality and Cost

Featured article
January 2022


Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule

Featured article
January 2022

Technology and insights designed
to elevate your practice

Advancing the quality of patient care

Our solutions are designed to simplify everyday clinical and administrative tasks so you can spend less time on your devices and more time with your patients. Learn how we can harness the data your practice already generates to identify candidates for advanced therapies, clinical trials and more.

Elevating business performance

Because our national network of providers is so strong, we have robust data to help you benchmark your practice’s business and clinical performance against your peers’. We’ll make recommendations to help you save time in documentation, evaluate productivity and improve your cash flow.

Navigating industry changes

As the pressure to contain the cost of care leads to ever-changing regulations and reimbursement models, it can be hard for practices to keep up. Learn how our experts can help you navigate the transition to value-based care, so you can increase revenue while lowering your audit risk.

What we offer

Urology EHR solution

UroChartEHR® is a urology-specific EHR that puts the content you need right at your fingertips. Learn about our newest capabilities—like mobile integration, or access to data from prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP)—which can enhance the way you deliver care while continuing to prioritize patient safety. 

Practice business analytics

InfoDive® is a powerful business intelligence engine that helps you uncover operational efficiencies by benchmarking your practice against your peers’. Learn how our data can power smarter approaches to coding, productivity, marketing, revenue collection and more.

MIPS reporting services

We specialize in helping practices navigate the transition to value-based care. Since Meaningful Use reporting began in 2011, we’ve helped practices receive over $70 million in incentive money for the quality of their care. Learn more about how we can take the stress out of MIPS reporting.

Clinical analytics

With ClinIQ Analytics®, we work with your existing EHR and PM software to bring clinical data to life. By comparing data from your practice to your peers’, you’ll be able to spot trends, opportunities and even errors—helping you improve outcomes and advance the quality of patient care.

Infusion Management

IntelliDoseTxM is a smart infusion management module that brings computerized physician order entry (CPOE), treatment plan management, nurse charting and capture together in one system. Streamlining workflows in your practice to deliver the highest caliber of care.

GPO contracting

IPN is our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that represents over 10,000 specialty physicians in contract negotiations. IPN represents community practitioners specializing in urology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, dermatology and neurology.

AdvanceIQ Network

Connect with our research network

Many specialty practices are interested in participating in clinical trials, but don’t know how to connect the right patients with the right studies. With AdvanceIQ Network, we connect you to a verified network of life sciences companies through a technology-enabled, centralized approach to qualification and enrollment. 

Let’s start working smarter

Everything we do is geared toward making your practice run more efficiently. We’ll help you simplify your workflows, so you have more time to focus on what matters most—your patients. Get in touch with our team to learn what we can do together.