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MIPS 2022 Final Rule

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group discusses the impact of the 2022 final rule for your practice. Stay informed on the updates that could possibly affect your practice’s scoring within each performance category.

Suggested viewers: Physicians, administrators, EMR champions, and other regulatory specialists within your practice.

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Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule [Insight article]

Gain an advantage for MIPS scoring with the AQUA registry

Through our partnership with the American Urological Association’s (AUA) Quality Clinical Data Registry (AQUA), gaining an advantage for MIPS scoring just got easier. Our team of MIPS experts can utilize the AQUA Registry dashboard as part of our MIPS consulting offering, giving urology practices an all-inclusive MIPS solution you can trust for all of your reporting needs.

By taking advantage of the AQUA urology-specific MIPS Quality Measures, practices can maximize the potential for reimbursement and feel confident that their data is being accurately reported, based on the latest regulatory requirements.

Don’t let MIPS keep you up at night.

The transition to value-based care provides both opportunities and risks for your practice. The rules for reporting under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) are constantly changing. You work hard to keep up, but even large practices struggle to interpret and implement the mountains of new guidelines CMS releases every year. And with such high penalties for incomplete reporting, it’s easy to understand why MIPS keeps a lot of practices up at night.

No one should have to face that alone. When Meaningful Use reporting began in 2011, we were the first consulting partner to help practices ensure that the exceptional care they provide every day translates to exceptional performer status under MIPS. Ever since, we’ve partnered with practices to help them receive over $70 million in incentive money for the quality of their care, regardless of their specialty or the EHR they use. When submission time comes, you’ll sleep better knowing you’re backed by the most experienced MIPS consulting team in the industry.

A proven record of client success


Exceptional Performers in 2017*


Success rate in over 125 audits


Exceptional Performers in 2018

*(2017 was the first year of MIPS)

Supporting your practice, all year long

When you partner with us, we’ll be there before, during and after submission time. We know that your primary concern is providing quality care for your patients—not clicking your way through redundant workflows. We’ll advise you on how to use your EHR more efficiently while staying compliant with the latest regulations. Every month, we’ll send you a report on how you’re tracking towards the goals we’ve established together and answer any questions you might have.

We’ll even be there when you need us most: If you are ever faced with an audit, our team will guide you every step of the way. We’ve coached clients through over 130 audits to date, and every single one has passed. In the face of something so intimidating and uncertain, you deserve a partner who understands the process and can help guide you to a successful outcome.

Combining experience with expertise

We’ve chosen the people on our team because of their expertise in the field and their commitment to customer success. That means that in addition to bringing decades of experience to the table, our primary focus is right where it belongs—being the advocate for you, the provider. Since 2011, our team has completed:


Meaningful Use/PI attestations


Quality submissions

30+ years

Combined industry experience


Meet the Team

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group

It takes more than technology. It takes a team of experts that understands regulatory changes and supports your Eligible Clinicians in successfully meeting MIPS measures. We are dedicated to helping your practice every step of the way. Whether you are looking for submission assistance, comprehensive MIPS consulting services or audit assistance, we can help. Our team will partner with you to educate you on all MIPS changes and regulations to help you overcome any challenges that your practice may be facing. Our primary focus is right where it belongs—helping your practice maximize incentives and avoid penalties.


MIPS for infusion centers


Infusion centers are now required to report on MIPS for the Improvement Activities category. Is your practice prepared? Understanding the submission process and what data you will need to submit can be very confusing. Our Quality Reporting Engagement Group has over 30 years of experience reporting on MIPS and can help guide you through the process.

Our team has put together resources to help get you started. Be sure to watch the on-demand webinar on MIPS reporting specific to Infusion centers as well as read the latest insights articles to learn more about eligibility and things to consider in reporting for MIPS.



2021 MIPS for infusion practices

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group presents a webinar discussing important updates for infusion practices in regards to MIPS reporting.

Insights for infusion centers


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MIPS for Infusion Practices: The "W" Questions in Reporting on Improvement Activities

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September 2021


MIPS for infusion practices: There's not much time left to consider a submission

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September 2021

Serving all specialties and EHR platforms

While much of our expertise in the field of regulatory compliance and MIPS reporting results from the development of our own urology-specific EHR, UroChartEHR®, the regulations around MIPS reporting apply equally across all specialties. That’s why we partner with all types of practices regardless of their EHR platform, to help them provide—and report on—the highest quality of care.

With each new year, we have to interpret every CMS regulation to ensure that our own product is compliant and easy to use. That leads to the development of new modules for UroChartEHR, such as secure Direct Messaging, which can contribute up to five bonus points to your Promoting Interoperability category for MIPS reporting. It’s just one more way we help you stay ahead in the ever-changing regulatory space around reimbursement.

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