September 9, 2020

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions Launches UroChartEHR®  Telehealth to Offer Urologists a HIPAA-Compliant Virtual Visit Tool


CARROLLTON, Texas – IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, a part of AmerisourceBergen, today announced the launch of UroChartEHR Telehealth, a new HIPAA-compliant, virtual visit tool created in partnership with Backline by DrFirst. The solution allows urologists to quickly extend patient care beyond the traditional doctor’s office and connect with each other and with patients from any location at any time. With UroChartEHR Telehealth, urology patients now have the added convenience of seeking in-home care with quick and easy access to their virtual visit via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer – eliminating the need to download an app, access a patient portal, or undergo a registration process. 

“Now more than ever, fostering a connection between patients and caregivers is absolutely essential to providing quality care. Physicians and patients need the ability to virtually connect with each other without sacrificing the important elements of an in-office visit,” said Rick Lozano, Senior Vice President of Physician Specialty Services at AmerisourceBergen. “Our work with UroChartEHR Telehealth allows community urology practices to collaborate with patients during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond and supports chronic care management through proactive patient engagement and early intervention.”

UroChartEHR Telehealth is offered as an extended feature of UroChartEHR. With UroChartEHR Telehealth, practices, caregivers, and patients now have access to the following features:

  • Video-Enabled Patient Care: Quick check-ins with simple-to-use video chats to help reduce no-shows, ensure adherence with medication protocols and allow for remote patient diagnostics
  • Comprehensive Communication Technology: Streamlined communication and documentation processes for virtual visits and secure texting and email to initiate telehealth sessions with patients
  • Integrated Patient Information: Fully integrated seamless data flow of patient demographic data allowing telehealth visits to get started quickly, automatically updating visit notes each time the program is launched
  • Reimbursement Support: Date and timestamp for video chatting that can be added to Common Procedural Technology (CPT) codes for a seamless reimbursement process and simplified Medicare reimbursements and billing

“Patients tell us that it’s important to them to see their own doctors when using telehealth,” said G. Cameron Deemer, DrFirst president. “Integrating Backline into UroChartEHR Telehealth will give urologists a powerful tool to stay connected with their patients and strengthen that physician-patient bond that is so important to good outcomes.”

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