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Helping shape the future of medicine

As more and more research relies on real-world pragmatic clinical trials and longitudinal studies, the demand for patient participation has never been higher. We help over 1,000 specialty providers in our AdvanceIQ Network identify qualified patients and connect them with the most advanced therapies available today. Learn how our research opportunities can provide supplemental revenue for your practice while advancing the quality of your patient care. 

Joining the AdvanceIQ Network

We established our research network to remove barriers to participation in clinical trials. That’s why participation is free for providers; your costs will be covered by research sponsors. All you need is an established relationship with an AmerisourceBergen company (including IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions, ION Solutions, IPN, Besse Medical, Oncology Supply, etc.). Because participation is non-exclusive, joining the AdvanceIQ Network will not affect your ability to work directly with sponsors or other networks—now or in the future.

Technology-enabled and regulation-compliant recruitment

When you join the AdvanceIQ Network, we work with the data you already have from your practice’s PM and EHR software. Our recruitment process is fully HIPAA-compliant, and participating might even add to your MIPS reporting scores for value-based reimbursement. Most importantly, you’ll have access to a range of research opportunities that can advance the quality of your patient care:

Discover research opportunities

Whether your practice has already participated in clinical trials or studies, or you’re just getting started, the AdvanceIQ Network will connect you to a world of opportunities. Let’s talk about how our research network can advance the health of your practice and enhance care for your patients.
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